Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thank You!

This year will be our 15th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner, when we open our doors to the community and offer complimentary holiday meals to our neighbors. It’s been a busy few weeks of planning and organizing, but we wanted to take a minute today to say THANK YOU to everyone in Jersey City who has donated their time, money and product to our cause.  

Many local businesses got in touch with us, including Made With Love, which donated a delicious (and enormous!) apple crisp. We’ll be serving that as dessert for our homebound friends. Other area businesses, such as O’Connell’s Restaurant, Puccini’s, Starbucks, Antheia Flowers, Restaurant Depot, and Highly Social Media donated products and money to the fund, and we’re grateful for all of it. 

We also had many, many community members offer to volunteer, donate pies and baked goods, and drop money in the Thanksgiving fund jar. The Lehrer family – Robert, Keith and Eric – made a huge donation, which will pay for all the homebound meals that will be delivered by Visiting Homemade Service, another great sponsor of this dinner. 

Brian McIntyre and Work Strategy have been very generous to our Thanksgiving dinner, and we can’t thank them enough. 

And Mayor Healy and Kathy Curin donated 20 turkeys…one of the most important elements of any Thanksgiving dinner!

Finally, Tara Warner has been working her turkey tail off for months to make this dinner go off without a hitch, and deserves a huge pat on the back! 

We’re so grateful to live in a community that has come together to help us serve these meals to our neighbors. Big thanks to everyone listed here, and those we may have missed. We appreciate every donation, and every volunteer, and can’t wait to celebrate the holiday with our neighbors!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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