Monday, April 8, 2013

Meet the Brewer: Yards

The Iron Monkey is hosting a Meet the Brewer on Thursday, April 11 at 6:00 with Yards owner Tom Kehoe!
On tap, we'll have:

Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale
Yards Brawler
Yards Love Stout
Yards Saison
Yards IPA (Firkin)

Yards is one of Philadelphia's best breweries, and has a history as interesting and diverse as its brews.

In 1988, two friends at Western Maryland College, Tom Kehoe and Job Bovit, decided to stop wasting so much money on beer. No, they didn’t stop drinking it – they began brewing it themselves.

The two started experimenting with malt, hops and yeast, formulating new recipes throughout the years and sharing their brews with their friends. To get some hands-on experience in the industry, Kehoe and Bovit began apprenticing at the British Brewing Company in Maryland. They began cleaning kegs, and eventually moved up in the ranks to learn more about brewing.

Eventually in 1994, the two friends emptied their savings accounts, maxed out credit cards, and founded Yards Brewing Company in Philadelphia. In just a few years, Yards had to move from its 900-square-foot garage to a new location within the city. With the move, the brewery was able to produce 3,000 barrels a year, and Yards could begin bottling beer for the first time.

Today, Yards calls a 26,000-square feet brewery on the Delaware waterfront home. With a 50-barrel brew house and a bar for fans, Yards is one of Philadelphia’s most best-know, and best-loved breweries.

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